Evaluating the Edublog Student Challenge

Overall, I liked the student blogging challenge.  I think the most interesting post or challenge for me was writing about a parent of my parents.  I enjoyed learning about their history.  At least once or twice a week I visited blogs and commented on them.  I did not know of the Challenge Flipboard Magazine so I did not read it.  Plus: I loved that I could visit my class, classmates, and people around the world’s blogs.  It gives a lot of diversity.  Minus:  I never found a widget that counted how many people visit your blog in total.  I thought that it would be really cool if there was a widget like that.  Interesting point:  When we read other people’s blogs and commented, I was mentioned in someone else’s post about that challenge.  One of the most important thing I learned is typing skills and pretty much how to create and maintain a blog.

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