A Dozen Facts About Me

1) I was born out of the state.

2) I have a twin.

3) I love to cook and bake.

4) When I bake, I normally don’t get to eat what I bake.

5) I have never been to Europe.

6) I love school, but I hate homework.

7)  I take a lot of dance classes, yet I still haven’t auditioned for my studio’s competition team.

8) I am double-jointed in my knees.

9) I am also double-jointed in my elbows/arms.

10) I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

11) I have gotten my ear sliced off by a coffee table.

12) I am very organized and clean.

8 thoughts on “A Dozen Facts About Me

  1. Hi, 6jacquelineg. I have a couple question for you. Why do you not get to eat what you bake? How did you get your ear sliced off by a coffee table? Why do you want to be a lawyer? Is there a certain reason you want to be a lawyer? What state were you born in?

    1. Dear Jordan,
      I don’t normally get to eat what I bake because my mom doesn’t think it’s healthy. I was actually at DisneyWorld when this happened. I was in the hotel room with my sister, and she thought while we were waiting, we could bounce around on pillows on the floor, kind of like the floor was lava. As we were bouncing around a coffee table and couch, I fell and the table sliced my ear. I want to be a lawyer because I can always win an argument. I can not tell you what state I was born in.

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    Does being double-jointed effect the way you dance? When you go to Europe one day where do you want to go?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Being double-jointed definitely affects the way I dance actually. I actually just went to London, but if I were to go again, I would want to go to Fance or Italy.

  3. Hello Jacqueline,

    I love your post because you said things you haven’t said about yourself in other posts. I have a few questions for you. What is your twin’s name? When you ear got sliced did part of it fall off completely Or did you need to stitches than it was over? I also hate Homework! it is so Annoying. First they are like:
    “Hey let’s invent something education called school that takes up 7-8 hours off a day!” I’m ok with that. Then they are like “Hey let’s invent something called homework that takes up 3-5 hours a day!” I am not ok with that. What type of dance do you do? I think you should become a lawer. Follow your dreams!

    here is the link to my blog. http://shirleys6th.edublogs.org/category/milaura/

  4. Hi Shaina,
    I want to be a lawyer when I grow up because I have always been told I hold a very good argue and people always say, “You would be a good lawyer.”

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